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3 min readAug 9, 2020


Photo by asoggetti on Unsplash

I purchased the DJI Tello close to four months ago. In that time I have found the pro’s and con’s to it.

To begin with, I think anyone that dabbles in film needs a drone. Now the difference is what kind of film making do you do?

I do both working on feature film projects, and the YouTube videos that are now a cultural mainstay. My honest opinion is that the Tello is a great drone for

  1. YouTube videos, and
  2. certain types of projects

I recently used the Tello to attain that eagle eye perspective which helps to create moods and also to establish locations. It also makes the projects visually fun, as we see the world from a perspective that we would otherwise not see. So this drone is for the hobbyist and the aspiring film makers just getting started.

Photo by Matthew Sichkaruk on Unsplash

Now what are the Pro’s?

The cost. The average cost of a drone is $500 and above. The Tello is as low as $120. A very reasonable price point to attain a drone.

The size. It is so small that they are easy to take anywhere. I have pulled this drone out in all kinds of areas filled with people. It takes no room and makes very little sound.

The functionality of it. I have used other drones and have found that most DJI are very easy to use, but the Tello is by far the best introduction to drone.

The features. It has many buttons that make getting certain shots easy. The fly away as well as the throw and go feature makes you feel like a spy.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

The Cons?

The Size. The size that makes it easy to take anywhere also has the setback of shaking at the first sign of wind, with the stronger gust of wind creating the potential that it is lost.

The Battery Life. Everyone that films will tell you, sometimes it takes a while to find the shot, and even more time to frame it just right and capture it. The Tello has the battery life of 10 minutes per battery which makes it a drone for the film maker with more time on their hands.

The quality. For many that like to shoot in 4k, you’ll be sad to hear that the Tello shoots in 720p. I haven’t had a problem with this, and use it even though I shoot everything else in 1080p. For the average viewer, that difference is easily missed.

I have many tips and tricks that have helped me film with the Tello, and any creative film maker will do the same. The reality is independent film makers need to stretch their budget out as best as possible, and for the few limitations that one finds with the Tello it is still a great drone for the price and can be used for YouTube or small independent projects.



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